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Service Level Agreement

SLA (Service Level Agreement) is a contract which specifies in detail the parameters of provided services. Its main goal is to ensure the continuity of key business processes. The parameters of the SLA usually specify the required response times (after which the specialists will start working on the incident), times to resolve incidents (e.g. restoring application availability) and the amount of contractual penalties for failure to comply with these parameters.

In shared service center SLA is basically concentrated on implementing a time limit counter for order processing with regards to defined criteria. Such SLA parameters within the SAP SSF are Service Profiles specifying the time period in which the service can be carried out.

Every SAP SSF order has a given priority, and based on that, it has its given deadline for processing. Important factor in counting the remaining order processing time is a work week timesheet. SAP takes working hours timesheet to calculate the remaining time. It is also possible to change weekly work timetables.

It is possible to add more factors for counting SLA, that are more relevant for particular process.

There is also a option to define several duration times:

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