From the  moment that the customer arrives at the e-commerce storefront, he starts building his customer experience. This is very important moment in customer acquisition process as the good first impression can only be made once.

SAP Commerce provides very intuitive, user friendly tool to manage user experience in that way that it attracts and impresses the customer.

SmartEdit is a tool, which allows content managers to create new pages from existing templates, add, edit and remove components via drag and drop and test personalized experience within those pages, all of that from a single scalable user interface.

SmartEdit offers four main perspectives which can be restricted to different content managers and testers or business users, who are not interested in making changes but who would like to see new or updated content before it goes live. It enables basic editing for those who are building simple pages, as well as advanced editing for those who are making more complicated, custom or conditional changes.


Preview perspective allows the user to view pages as they would appear to the customer without any personalization. This perspective can be used by testers or business users to view the final result before the solution goes live.

Basic Edit

Basic edit perspective enables quick, drag-and-drop changes to the positions and properties of simple components such as banners. This perspective can be an offer to those who build simple pages.

Advanced Edit

Editing and movement of all components, including navigation is possible via Advanced edit.  This perspective can be provided to content managers who are making more complicated, custom or conditional changes. 


In the personalization perspective, users can choose to view a page in the context of one or more user groups, each representing a category of customers to which you want to tailor your storefront experience: customers who are loyal to some specific brand, big spenders, deal hunters or any other group that drives (or should drive) customer behaviour.

Below table presents detailed SmartEdit functionalities:

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