SAP SSF Ticket Processing

Partner Management

While processing the ticket, it is very important to include all required parties, so they could act in relevant step or be notified about the key ticket phase. SAP Business Partner concept is also used in SAP SSF solution for ticket management.

Process related partners can be determined automatically based on defined category. It can be changed during further ticket processing (e.g. when other person activity is required at some point).

You can use multilevel categorization to determine Individual Business Partners or Partners in different Partner Functions e.g. Service Team by using the Business Rule Framework (BRF+) or CRM dispatch functionality.

Example of Partner Functions:

  • Employee Responsible: by default – employee who is responsible for this ticket in further processing, he is able to see this ticket in his inbox
  • Service Team: Pool of users that can manage the ticket defined in Organizational Model Unit
  • Creating Person: By default, the user who created the ticket

Form Management

Depending on chosen category, dedicated set of forms can be determined to fulfill the process needs. Input fields on the ticket will be limited only to those relevant for current process. This allows the agent to focus on gathering the required data.

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