Are you looking for a tool to support your sales team? Would it be interested to check out key functionalities comparison of SAP Sales Cloud and cloud solution? In the following table you will find a comprehensive list of what you can do in both systems.


SAP Sales Cloud and are top-shelf cloud CRM systems capable of completely covering every sales process. Both of them have an ergonomic user interface adapted to working on laptops and mobile devices, an extensive analytical module allowing the presentation of complex data in the form of graphs in real time. The basic version of SAP Sales Cloud is more extensive, which allows you to place a fairly complex system in a short time. Salesforce has a rich AppExchange platform, which provides ready-made solutions, however it is associated with additional costs. Both systems are equipped with convenient tools for rapid customization and development environments that enable systems to be adapted to automate the most complex sales processes. The advantage of SAP solution is undoubtedly out-of-the-box integration with SAP backend systems, which allows sales representatives to obtain real-time information such as the availability of products or credit limit check.

To conclude, it seems clear that both tools offer similar functionalities, so what may be crucial, when choosing one of them is the price. Here, the balance shifts in favour of the SAP solution.


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