Want to quickly and easily plan, execute nad settle trade promotion? 


You need only in 7 steps to do it in SAP TPM!

Step 1 – Define Sales Targets

Plan and distribute sales goals of your organization and external goals of your clients. Monitor the effectiveness of your activities in real time and settle them periodically to achieve your sales results.

Krok 2 – Create Promotion

Create promotion for selected customer or hierarchy node. Define he promotion goal (e.g. revenue uplift) and validity dates.


Krok 3 – Select Products and Trade Spends

Select products form available assortment and add trade spends. Trade spends determine what costs will be incurred as a result of the promotion.

Set the sales volume leven in Sell-In field.

Krok 4 – Associate Funds

Associate your promotion with the funds plan, which is a collection of budgets available for promotion activities in a given time frame. SAP TPM allows you to create funds for a specific purpose so that you can easily manage your budget and track expenses more accurately. Budget operations (transfer, blockade, update, etc.) allow you to adapt the budget exactly to your needs Any changes of promotional expenses update the fund and can be viewed in Budget Monitor.

Krok 5 – Execute Promotion

Execute promotion by creating SAP ERP sales orders with agreed pricing conditions and reserve the budget for promotion costs based on sales volume. Post goods issue and invoices in SAP ERP.

Krok 6 – Check Promotion Execution

Monitor promotion execution in P&L View of CBP. Check promotion KPIs and overall plan KPIs in monitors available in plan and promotion view.


Krok 7 – Settle and Analyse Promotion

Settle promotion, accruals and claims and analyze the effectiveness of promotion activities using controlling data through CO-PA integration. Plan your marketing and promotion activities more accurately and achieve your goals in more efficient way.

SAP TPM is a comprehensive tool that allows you to manage both, trade promotions based on simple processes, as well as those that are much more complex and require the use of advanced solutions.

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