Working as an IT Consultant in NSP

Providing the highest level of service to the client, is our key task. It is possible, thanks to hard work, experience and engagement of the whole team.

People are the highest value of NSP.

On the other hand, we believe, that their work is exciting, full of challenges with great development chances, so they want to it. But how does it look like in details?

Consulting plays the key role in IT business. It allows to optimize business processes using different information technologies and solutions. Consultants work with clients to recognize and understand their needs and deliver best services. Very often they have a real impact on the final scope of the project and used technologies. They create solutions and functionalities or implement the existing ones. Functional and technical knowledge of the system and its architecture, IT background are important factors but understanding of the business processes is crucial. In addition, consultant’s soft skills are also helpful especially, in dealing with customers.

We realize projects for companies from all over the world, so our consultants have a possibility to work in international environment, meet interesting people, learn how to cooperate with them or find out something new about their culture. Working in such projects is also a chance for attractive travels.

Consultants play significant role in pre-sales phase as they analyse customer requirements and help to prepare the service offer. They estimate the project work and take part in workshops with customer. When the project is running consultant’s responsibilities are system configuration, creating a documentation or cooperation with developers in system developments and enhancements. When the solution is ready consultants run some tests to verify if it is stable and work without any errors. During the go-live phase and after the production start, consultants support the users or run some user trainings to deliver complete service.

We concentrate our business on SAP solutions. Those solutions allow to realize complex business processes in different areas, which makes the whole implementation process very complicated. In addition, due to constant technology changes new applications are created. In such circumstances, finding a right way to resolve the problem is very often a  big challenge, even for experienced consultants. Especially, when each new client means new processes and requirements. As a result we all are forced to constantly move forward, to develop our skills and learn new technologies.

So, if you want to combine your IT experience with business interests and you want to develop in new technologies, consulting is your future and NSP is the place you can do it.

People are the highest value of NSP

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