NSP onboarding package

In NSP we are aware of the importance of a good start in the new workplace. That is why, we have created a programme, called NSP Onboarding Package, which helps you to get familiar with all the things you will need to know, to be successful in NSP.

At the beginning, you need to understand the company overall, what is our mission, key values and organization culture. What services we are offering to our clients and who are they. You will also meet our teams and find out how we work in different projects.

Very important part of Onboarding Package is the training programme. In NSP we all have ongoing training due to constant technological changes on the market, but you need a solid foundations to start. We offer you complex training which lasts several weeks and introduces you to functional and technical basics of SAP applications: CRM, Marketing and Commerce. The training consist of theoretical part in which you learn from presentations, movies, webinars, what are the key concepts of the system, its architecture and functionalities. In the next part you work on a demo systems to do some practical exercises. It allows you to make use of theoretical knowledge in specific cases.

During the whole Onboarding  Process you are supported by our experienced team leaders which enrich the trainings with practical, real projects aspects. That will make your work more interesting, and let you understand the challenges we face every day. We believe, you will also have a chance to find your own place and the way you can develop your career path.

After finishing the trainings you have the basic understanding of the three systems and the role they play in company digital transformation to intelligent enterprise. You are equipped with the knowledge to start your new journey as a junior SAP consultant in NSP.

Your experience is not crucial – what matters is your open mind, involvement in what you do, willingness to learn and develop yourself. We give you the chance and environment to grow, make us grow together.

People are the highest value of NSP

Working as an IT Consultant in NSP

Providing the highest level of service to the client, is our key task. It is possible, thanks to hard work, experience and engagement of the whole team


NSP is looking to appoint a Consultant to join our SAP Customer Engagement Team. You will become a member of project team which focuses on implementation…

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