Assessment Service

If you are wondering:

  • Do you make the most of the functionalities offered by you CRM system?
  • What tools should be used to make your business work more efficiently?
  • How the system should be verified quickly and in comprehensive way before the final decision on implementation
  • How to enhance the system currently used?

The key to success is a proper implementation. From depth analysis and understanding of business processes, through the design of considered system architecture to configuration and additional extensions necessary to carry out end-to-end processes.

Based on the experience gained during the implementation of projects in various functional areas and for different clients, the NSP team developed a methodology that allows to choose the best solution, plan the implementation and carry it out successfully.

MVP + Assessment

  • We analyse business processes in your organisation to determine, required for you type of solution  and project scope
  • We estimate project time and budget for the system as a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • We verify if you need a cloud system or on-premise

Proof of Concept

  • Workshops to find out more about your needs and requirements
  • We prepare MVP system for key business processes
  • Together we identify and analyse gaps and define possible enhancements



  • We are preparing the implementation plan together
  • The system is configured and enhanced
  • We run acceptance tests and production go-live, after which you are able to work on the system with our support

Order Assessment + PoC and find out how your company can benefit from it

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