SAP Marketing

SAP Marketing is a set of analytical solutions, which allow marketers to gather, consolidate and analyse the data about customers engagement, preferences and needs across all channels of communication – historical sales data, current analysis and online activity. As a result, SAP Marketing allows you to generate real-time personalized marketing campaigns with dedicated products that meet customer needs. Predictive models allow to find out the likelihood of purchase and related trends.

Data are collected in real time from a variety of sources, and SAP HANA enables processing in memory even unstructured data, contextual analysis of text on websites, tracking the current sentiments of customers, current trends and the perception of products, brands and competition.

SAP Marketing StartUp Kit

Implementation Accelerator offers SAP preconfigured managing dashboard together with based on predefined models managing views. The tools available are:

  • Marketing Insight – provides B2B customers insight for their sales and marketing organizations to drive sales revenue.
  • Marketing Data Management – provides features such as detailed analysis of social data from internal and external websites.
  • Marketing Segmentation – allows easily segment millions of customers and other objects in seconds with the power of SAP HANA. Real-time data replication of customer data from SAP ERP and SAP CRM provides a single source of truth.
    Predictive Segmentation – solution to precisely define the best target group for marketing activities. Allows to create segmentation and predictive models.
  • Marketing Recommendation – recommendations are generated using self-learning models that can be built in a wizard based UI by a business analyst. It presents context-specific recommendations, using predictive models (e.g. basket analysis, collaborative filtering or configurable queries).
  • Marketing Campaign Management – enables the marketing expert to take action on leads with the ability to launch and trace marketing campaigns in particular time period with filter adoption. Aggregated KPIs for the selected campaigns are displayed in the area above the calendar.
  • Marketing Planning – Marketing managers use Marketing Planning to plan budgets, programs, and spends. Marketing experts plan campaigns and spends in a simple and intuitive way. The Marketing Calendar provides a complete overview of ongoing and planned marketing activities.
  • SAP Marketing for Telecommunications – solution dedicated to telecommunication sector, provides an intuitive environment for data discovery and analysis of both individual and aggregated customer usage consumption and patterns.






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