SAP Cloud for Customer

SAP Cloud for Customer is an innovative Cloud solution, dedicated to customer relationship management – CRM. The system supports business processes in the area of Business Partner Management, Sales, Service and Marketing. SAP C4C is also a platform for building custom applications integrated with CRM environment. Maintenance of the system takes place in SAP’s certified, high availability Data Centre. This solution minimizes the total cost of ownership while maintaining a high level of data security and the ability to access from anywhere through mobile devices.

In SAP C4C technology, NSP offers the following services:

  • “SAP C4C Startup Kit” Implementation Accelerator
This is the way to quickly and cost effectively launch of the system involving implementation of ready-to-use business processes in the customer’s production environment. The process is focused on the rapid and effective implementation of C4C standard functionalities  in order to allow the customer to use the system in most important areas in few weeks. In the next steps it is possible to identify and implement important modifications depending on customer needs.

  • Functional Consulting in SAP C4C implementation, business process analysis and mapping, system configuration, Scoping & Fine-tuning
  • PDI developments (Partner Development Infrastructure), building new business objects, standard business objects enhancements,  UI enhancements
  • Integration of SAP C4C with SAP ERP/CRM on-premise systems using PI (Process Integration) technology and HCI (HANA Cloud Integration). Integration with other cloud or on-premise systems
  • Data migration
  • SAP C4C systems support processes outsourcing,  incidents, problems and changes management






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