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Recent Cloud TPM Suite Updates: Simplifying Trade Promotion Management

I’m happy to announce the latest update in our Cloud TPM suite for this month. As part of these enhancements, we’ve introduced four new features: the Approval Workflow, the Marketing Calendar, the Territory Widget and the Overview Page. Each of these additions enhances the functionality and usability of our platform.

Overview Page


  • Total Purchase Order Value: Displays current sales compared to targets.
  • Sales Fulfillment: Indicates whether sales goals are being met.
  • Spend per Day: Shows daily revenue versus expenditures.
  • Revenue and Cost by Category: Details financials by product category.
  • Promotions Overview: Lists current supplier deals, spending targets, and timelines.
  • Claims Management: Tracks outstanding supplier reimbursements.


  • Financial Awareness: Provides a snapshot of sales and spending to highlight financial status.
  • Goal Tracking: Allows for immediate comparison of actual performance against sales targets.
  • Budget Monitoring: Offers a daily overview of financial activity to help manage budget adherence.
  • Operational Insight: Gives a clear view of which categories are generating revenue and incurring costs.
  • Promotional Accountability: Helps in tracking promotional spending and ensuring adherence to budget allocations.
  • Efficient Reconciliation: Aids in monitoring and following up on pending claims from suppliers.

Territory Widget


  • Status Overview: Get a quick look at the stage of each promotion:
    • Draft: In the initial planning phase.
    • In Planning: Being worked on.
    • Submitted for Approval: Ready for review.
    • Rejected: Not approved.
    • Released: Currently active.
    • Finished: Successfully completed.
    • Cancelled: Abandoned.


  • Simplicity: The dashboard is straightforward, showing you everything at once to avoid confusion.
  • Efficiency: It’s quick to use. You can add, remove, or check on a promotion without much effort.
  • Clarity: With all the information in front of you, it’s clear what needs your attention and what’s under control.

Marketing calendar


  • Timeline Management: Tracking promotional activities across different time periods (monthly, quarterly, yearly).
  • Campaign and Event Scheduling: Organizing and planning specific marketing campaigns and events.
  • Budget Tracking: Monitoring the allocation and expenditure of the marketing budget per campaign or event.
  • Target Audience Segmentation: Managing promotions based on demographic or psychographic characteristics of the target audience.
  • Multi-Channel Coordination: Integrating various promotional channels (online, offline, social media, etc.) in the calendar for cohesive campaign execution.


  • Enhanced Organization: Keeps all marketing activities organized and accessible, reducing the risk of overlapping campaigns or missed opportunities.
  • Improved Strategic Planning: Facilitates long-term planning and alignment of marketing efforts with overall business goals.
  • Resource Optimization: Ensures efficient use of resources by providing visibility into when and where they are allocated.
  • Better Collaboration: Facilitates teamwork by allowing multiple team members to view and update the marketing calendar.
  • Performance Tracking: Aids in monitoring the effectiveness of promotional activities and making data-driven adjustments for future campaigns.

Promotions – Approval Workflow

The Cloud TPM’s Approval Workflow is a systematic process ensuring new promotions are reviewed before implementation. Users trigger it by changing the status to “Submitted for Approval.” Approvers must provide a note when rejecting promotions. Notes are visible in “Promotion Details,” enhancing transparency, control, and efficiency in promotion management.

Discover how we manage promotion approval

1. Promotion in “In Planning“ status is opened, “Edit Mode” is enabled and Status is changed to “Submitted for Approval

2. In Business Process Automation (BPA) application “My Inbox” is opened next the newest approval request is selected and promotion is beeing approved

3. User opens promotion in new tab

4. Promotion Details page with proper ID is opened

Discover how we manage promotion rejection process

1. Promotion in “In Planning“ status is opened, “Edit Mode” is enabled and Status is changed to “Submitted for Approval

2. In Business Process Automation (BPA) application “My Inbox” is opened next the newest approval request is selected, note is filled out with a reason why promotion is beeing rejected.

3. User opens promotion in new tab

4. Promotion Details page with rejection note is visible


  • Control: More control over which promotions get implemented and can prevent unauthorized promotions.
  • Efficiency: The process helps you avoid errors and ensures that promotions are well-thought-out before proceeding.
  • Transparency: Approvers are required to explain their decisions, making the process transparent and accountable.
  • Error Prevention: It reduces the risk of mistakes in promotion management.
  • Accountability: Everyone involved is held accountable for their decisions in the approval process.
  • Improved Quality: Ensures only well-considered promotions move forward, improving the quality of your promotions.
  • Streamlined Process: The workflow simplifies and organizes the promotion management process.
  • Cost Savings: By avoiding errors and improving promotion quality, you can save costs in the long run.

Custom Front-End for Approval Workflows on SAP BTP

What We’ve Built

We’ve created a new user interface for managing approval workflows, which is part of the workflow cloud. This interface is built on the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) using SAP UI5, aiming to streamline and improve the efficiency of your approval processes.


  • Workflow Cloud Integration: Our custom front-end, part of the workflow cloud, can integrate with any system, ensuring easy compatibility within your SAP environment.
  • Simple User Interface: The focus was on creating an easy-to-use interface. It’s straightforward and avoids unnecessary complexity.
  • Customizable: The front-end can be adjusted to meet your specific business needs and workflow requirements.


  • Efficiency: The clear and intuitive interface is designed to save time during the approval process.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly design means less time spent on training and more on productive work.
  • Reliability: Built to be dependable and secure, ensuring smooth operation of your processes.

30 November 2023

Territory Management


  • Geographical responsibility area per KAM
  • Product Category and Retailer
  • Hierarchy Tree and Product Brands representation
  • Hierarchy Tree and Customer Retail structure representation


  • Simple division of responsibility based on company’s organizational structure
  • Planning on specified products
  • Planning on specified customers

Promotion Management


  • Product List price taken from SAP ECC per selected customer, respecting pricing procure
  • Promotion Costs representation and mapping to Rebates and Discounts
  • Predefined check across different promotions to validate overlapping date, products and customer
  • Promotion Costs representation and mapping to Rebates and Discounts


  • Planning by division of the responsibilities in the company
  • Available products displayed in easy hierarchy
  • Promotion approval workflow to manage status and decisions
  • Trade Spends calculations
  • Total spends calculations in the flay

Funds Plans & Funds Management


  • Plan budget by Product Category, Retailer, person responsible and dates
  • Track fund and its usage e.g. per promotion
  • Fund could be automatically determined on promotion based on predefined rules
  • Budget verification and its consumption during promotion execution


  • Budget planning possible on every customer hierarchy level and every product hierarchy level
  • Possibility to adapt fund determination logic based on businesss requirements
  • Possibility to manually change the fund on the promotion
  • Possibility to track budget and fund consumption

Claim Management


  • Create, validate and settle claims related to planned promotions


  • Automatic Claim Creation

Project Milestones:

  • Project Tracking Application MVP: Completed the MVP scope for a distinct client, laying a robust foundation for future expansions.
  • Workflow Management Advancements: Developed two critical workflows:
    • Purchase Price
    • Contract Reservation Approval.

Looking Ahead:

We’re thrilled about the future and eager to continue our journey of innovation and excellence. Stay tuned for more updates as we reach new milestones.

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