I’m excited to share with you the latest comprehensive update in our Cloud TPM suite. This month, we’re not just introducing new features; we’re taking a moment to showcase everything we’ve achieved so far with the application.

Invoice Customer & Claim Management

Our new update introduces a straightforward method for recording customer claims connected to promotional activities. Here’s how it works:

1. Initiate a New Claim: You start by clicking the ‘Create Claim’ button in the Cloud TPM interface. This opens up a new form where you can input all the necessary details for your claim.

2. Fill in Claim Details: You’ll need to input key information like the description of the claim, which could be related to a specific promotion like ‘Lidl north chocolate’, and the sales area ID. These fields are essential to categorize and manage the claim properly.

3. Enter Financials: Specify the financials, such as the total cost and the gross tax. These amounts are crucial for calculating the total rebate value and the total invoiced value.

4. Assign Promotions: Here, you can link the claim to specific promotions. The system allows you to search for and select promotions that have been released, ensuring they are eligible for claims.

5. Validation: The system requires certain fields to be filled in; otherwise, it highlights these in red to prompt for completion. This helps prevent incomplete claims from being saved and ensures that all the necessary data is in place before submission.

6. Review and Save: Once all the details are filled in, you review the information for accuracy. Then, you click ‘Save’ to register the claim in the system.

7. Approval Workflow: After saving, the claim enters an approval workflow where it is reviewed. Once approved, the reimbursement process for the customer is initiated.

This process is integrated with SAP S/4 HANA, ensuring that data is consistent and up-to-date. It also helps in keeping the financials in check and allows for a clear audit trail of promotions and associated claims.

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