I’m excited to share with you the latest comprehensive update in our Cloud TPM suite. This month, we’re not just introducing new features; we’re taking a moment to showcase everything we’ve achieved so far with the application.

Our tool lets you make and change fund plans and funds simply. You can start working on funds from different places, like the fund list or directly from fund details. Editing or making new ones is straightforward.

Easy Access and Updates

  • Start New Funds or Fund Plans: Get into making funds from the menu, a list of funds, or from the details of a fund plan.
  • Change Fund Details: Update details like descriptions and plans for your funds, in both open and released states.

Simple Fund Creating and Changing

  • Required Fields Check: The system checks to make sure all needed information is there for making a fund.

Better Management of Fund Plan Details

  • Editing in Released Status: You can still change important info like descriptions and who is responsible, even after a fund plan is released.
  • Budget and Entries: Add new budget entries and manage them. A search function helps you find what you need fast.

Keep Your Data Safe

  • Safe Deleting: When you delete funds or plans, the system asks to make sure, so you don’t delete by accident.

This tool is made to help you manage your funds and fund plans in a simple way, with a system that’s easy to use for anyone. Whether you’re adding, updating, or deleting, everything is designed to be straightforward.

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