I’m excited to share with you the latest comprehensive update in our Cloud TPM suite. This month, we’re not just introducing new features; we’re taking a moment to showcase everything we’ve achieved so far with the application.

Experience the synergy between Cloud TPM and SAP S/4 HANA with our newly enhanced integration feature. Follow these straightforward steps to understand how this integration enhances your promotion management:

Create Your Promotion: Start by setting up your promotion in Cloud TPM. Define the promotion details, select the products, and allocate the budget.

Set the Promotion Status: Once your promotion is ready, set its status to ‘Released’. This status change means that the promotion is set up in Cloud TPM and is now prepared for practical rollout

Automatic Contract Creation: As soon as the promotion status is ‘Released’, a corresponding condition contract is automatically generated in S/4 HANA. This contract is the essence of the integration, ensuring that the details of your promotion are seamlessly synchronized with SAP.

Verify in S/4 HANA: Switch over to your S/4 HANA system to view the automatically created condition contract. Here, you can verify all the details, from rebate conditions to accruals, ensuring everything is aligned with the promotion set in Cloud TPM.

This integration is designed to streamline your promotion to settlement process, minimize manual entry, and reduce the possibility of errors. Enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing your trade promotions are managed effectively and efficiently with Cloud TPM and SAP S/4 HANA.

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