How can today’s business serve the customers in effective and efficient way? How to face the challenge of gathering and analysing the huge amount of customer data?  How make a use of such information coming from customer multichannel interactions?

Answer to those questions is crucial for successful existence and development in the market. Company that can collect, properly process and analyse the data gains the great advantage of having such source of information.  It can tell you which customers are the most valuable and which are going to leave you. What products they buy and what products they might be interested in. Finally, what the customers or potential customers think and say about your company, products and what are their preferences. With this knowledge, you can prepare dedicated product offer, promotion or engage the customers to interact in a way you want. Analysing the trends and customers’ behaviour allows you to propose new solutions and plan your activities.

However, development of an efficient and working system is not a simple process. Companies use different IT solutions, each business has its own specifics processes, customers and products that require individual approach.

NSP offers you dedicated solution for customer analytics which allows to make successful customer segmentation, run marketing campaigns or prepare recommendations. Our methodology is based on deep operational process analysis to understand the key points of your business. In the next step we verify the quality and external and internal sources of your data. Collected structural and different types of non-structural data must be then processed and prepared to be loaded into fitted data models. Those models are generated using advanced statistical tools and methods with reference to key marketing foundations. Implemented models are then basis for clustering, marketing predictions and recommendations processes and subject to continuous evaluation.

Services Scope:

  • Customer Profiling
  • Recommendation Models
  • Semantic and Sentimental Text Analysis
  • Image Analysis
  • Prediction Models
  • Classification Models
  • Clustering
  • Integration services Facebook/Google Analytics/Twitter/Google AdWords/SMS/Mass email






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